Important note regarding levels and waiting list –

    You can register for the waiting list.
  • TASMANIAN DEVIL LEVEL IS NOW SOLD OUT FOR FOLLOWER! You can register for the waiting list.
  • Pay attention – Places are limited both for full passes and party passes! From past years experience, in order to save your spot, make sure to register early enough.
  • This year, for the first time, Desert Stomp is offering a solo track – If you are all about improving you solo dancing – this track is for you.

Road Runner

  • Started swing dance recently (under 1 year)

  • Desert Stomp will be one of your first international swing events

  • Taking local classes regularly

  • Have little experience with solo jazz dancing

  • Looking to expand your vocabulary, strengthen your basics and get inspired

Tasmanian Devil (sold out for followers)

  • Dance swing regularly for 1-2 years

  • Have solid basic knowledge in swing dance

  • You feel comfortable with different swing music styles

  • Taking local classes

  • Have some experience with solo jazz dancing

Crazy Bobcat (sold out)

  • Dance swing regularly for 2-3 years

  • Have good understanding of different swing dance concepts

  • Feel comfortable dancing to different music styles in different tempos

  • Attend dance classes, parties and international festivals regularly

  • Train regularly both on your partnered and solo dance

Bold Eagle (Sold Out)

  • Dance swing regularly for 3 years or more

  • You are a “frequent flyer” (to international festivals) within your local scene

  • You will probably be one of the best dancers at Desert Stomp 2018

  • You constantly look for ways to learn and to develop both your partnered dance and solo movement

  • You understand that the magic is in the small details and that there is always room for more fine tuning

  • You have a high-level body movement

Solo Monster – Solo Track (Sold Out)

  • This track is suitable for dancers who consider their solo dance level as at least intermediate/advanced. This track is not suitable for beginners or dancers who just had a taste of solo dancing

  • You took several solo courses and classes

  • You feel comfortable with your body movement

  • You feel comfortable solo dancing during socials/jams