Level description:

  • Pay attention – Places are limited both for full passes and party passes! From past years experience, in order to save your spot, make sure to register early enough.
  • All levels will be subjected to Auditions. Auditions will take under consideration the descriptions below, and some of the specified abilities may be tested. Please read the level description carefully and choose your level wisely 🙂
  • Auditions will be held in a social dance format, and the teachers will put you in a group that fits your abilities best.

Important: The auditions will be held on a skill basis. If one of the groups will get too crowded, or the level within the group will be diverse, it will be split in order to offer the best learning experience.

Beginner (Special Track):

This year we will offer a special beginners track that will be taught by “Swing It” teachers.
Beginner track will include a total of 3 classes (1 class every evening) and all parties.
This track may also be suitable for those who recently started swing dancing and took several classes and would like to work on basic movements.
This track will open with a minimum of 14 participants.


This is NOT a beginner level.

In this level you need to feel comfortable with triple-step oriented movements @ 150bpm, including Lindy Circle, passes, Tuck Turns and Swing Outs. Also with Charleston @ 180bpm, including tandem, hand to hand, passes and tuck turns. You seek to better understand jazz music in order to be able to interact with it when you dance. You know how to comfortably transition between basic positions (closed position, side by side, open position) and you would like to work both on the communication between partners and to expand your movement vocabulary. You know the Shim Sham and have little or no experience in solo dancing.


In this level you need to feel comfortable with Swing Outs and other triple-step oriented movements @ 180bpm and with Charleston @ 210bpm. In fast tempo you feel comfortable mixing triple-steps and Charleston steps. If you are a follower, you feel comfortable with swivels. You recognize the structure of the music you dance to and can react to it. You’ve tried participating in local or international competitions or have performed a showcase before.
You know the Shim Sham and Tranky Doo or some other solo Jazz routine, and have some solo dance experience, including improvisation – and you wish to develop that aspect of your dancing as well.


In this level you need to feel comfortable with Swing-Outs and other triple-step oriented movements @ 200bpm and with Charleston @ 230bpm. You have a clear basic body control, including a toolkit of different kinds of triple steps, rhythmical variations and/or stylistic variations. You understand that in order to improve your dance you should also be working on your basics.
You feel comfortable dancing and improvising in solo. You can’t stand aside when the Big Apple and Shim Sham are played. You’ve been traveling to at least one international festival a year.


This level is for the top dancers of the Israeli community or high level dancers from abroad. Most importantly, this level, like the other levels, is still about the skills – and not about the status. It is for people who are heavily involved with Lindy Hop and solo jazz, practice regularly, and walk their walk on the dancefloor.

In this level, people get contacted directly. If you did not get an invite and you believe you should be part of this level, please send us a request email specifying why you think you are suitable for this level.