Remy Kouakou Kouame

Remy fell into the Swing Pot at an early age. As an established competitor, he earned many awards such as the French and the World Championships of Boogie Woogie. He has been as well an established teacher for many years now, traveling around many international camps and festivals, sharing his passion and knowledge. His approach to Swing Dances is special because it combines the authenticity and the respect of the dances – thanks to the education he has learnt from his elders – with an originality and creativity inspired by his experience of many styles of dance, with the addition of some spicy madness that characterizes Remy! What he likes to share the most is the joy that dancing provides. Then he is fighting against intellectualization of the dance and argues for fun and feelings. For him, dancing is… to live… to express!


Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis is internationally known for her distinctive and feminine style in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues and Burlesque. Australian born but now based in London, Sharon has taught and performed around the world. She holds 1st place titles at the International Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, National Jitterbug Championships, Canadian Swing Championships, Burlesque Hall of Fame, World Burlesque Games and has claimed numerous other awards internationally. She is known for her dedication to the history of vernacular jazz dances and the music they evolved to. Her classes focus on pairing dynamic connection and flow, with body awareness and quality of movement as a pathway to individual style, creativity and musicality. With her bright and bubbly personality, Sharon’s teaching style is energetic, inspiring and fun. She is also the director of the annual European Swing Dance Championships, and runs a London swing school called JazzMAD. Visit www.sharonmdavis.com to find out more about her.


Josette began dancing at the age of 12 at Paul and Arlene Kennedy’s Universal Dance Design in Los Angeles. Under their tutelage, she discovered her passion for stage and theater and began performing with their professional children’s tap ensemble throughout the city and abroad. Josette then moved on to dance as a member of Lynn Dally’s Jazz Tap Ensemble in both the Caravan Project and the adult company. Josette’s career highlights include winner of the 2001 Spotlight award in non-classical dance, the 1st National Broadway Tour of 42nd Street, the movie Idlewild in 2005 and performing alongside her brother in two original casts of Cirque du Soleil’s Banana Shpeel and Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour. Most currently, the duo performed in Michelle Dorrance’s curated show Tireless at Jacob’s Pillow. Josette teaches, choreographs and performs internationally while residing in Tel Aviv and can be seen dancing with her husband’s band, Ron and the Red Beans.


He is a Jazz, Contemporary , Swing and Hip Hop professional dancer. He took acting classes at the school of art “la Comète” in Paris. JoYsS’ focus his in Jazz is on “Authentic Jazz” (solo dances, Blues, Jazz Roots, Charleston), but he also dance and teach Lindy-Hop. He won the 1st place at the Solo Contest at Paris Jazz Roots Festival 2015, 1st place Solo Jazz/Charleston at ILHC 2015

Through his teaching and appearances in shows he has become one of the promising new figures in the Swing scene. In his classes he emphasizes on improving his students movements by teaching them how to better understand their bodies. To work with your own body movements will help you grow as a dancer, because it fosters your coordination, balance and expression and with it helps you improve your musicality and capacity for improvisations – skills absolutely crucial for partner dancing.

He is also a artistic director and a music composer. He has his own artistic company (Cie ULTIME) which has won awards in 2007 for best dance performance as choreographer. And in 2012 and 2013 as music composer (photo by Camille Denis).

Hector Artal and Sonia Ortega

Sonia has been dancing different styles of dance since the age of 5, but Lindy Hop is the one that has captured her heart. She has been teaching regular classes in Barcelona, Spain since 2000, and over Europe for the last 5 years. Being part of the Barswingona Dance Company and with a classical and jazz background, she is well known in her city as a fantastic social dancer and a dedicated traveling international instructor. As a teacher, she is known to be approachable, patient, and willing to dance with her students.

Hector is a swing dancer (Lindy Hop and solo Jazz). Beginning with the ballroom dances, he felt more interested on the latin rhythms, Afrocuban dances and the Argentinian Tango. It was not until 2005 that he started dancing Lindy Hop, but he was captured by the essence of the dance and he began teaching it in 2009. Nowadays, Hector dances and teaches Cuban Salsa, Argentinian Tango and Lindy hop in different important schools of Barcelona. His teaching is known to be focused on the roots of each dance and he likes to develop one’s own body movements within the couple dance in order to improve both leads and follows connection. Also, he is been using these concepts for his own improving as a dancer by taking part of Working Progress (a Barcelona contemporary dance company) as well as being member of an Afrocuban dance company. (Photo by Sara Pista)

Rikard Ekstrand and Frida Borg

Rikard was inspired to start dancing at the early age of 7. Today he’s a well recognized dancer in the swing dance scene and working full time as a respected professional dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Except from swing dancing, Rikard also studied funk styles for many years with a similar interest in the original styles and their connection with music and culture. He sees swing dancing as an art form, a culture legacy and consider him self as a student of rhythm. “In the school of rhythm you will always be a student”
In the classroom the main focus lies in “how” and “why”. A student should leave the classroom with new knowledge and inspiration. His passion for teaching drives on dancers sharing their dancing and express together with him.

Expect a challenge in different ways than what you are used to. Aside from Jazz dance festivals, Rikard also teaches at the university- Dans och Cirkushögskolan, DOCH. Jazz dance history, traditions and the rhythmical jazz language. His big passion in methods and pedagogy make his classes interesting, different and very useful. Åsa Street Dance School is also one of Rikards yearly projects where he teach jazz dance to urban dancers. In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and is now since many years one of the core members in the hard working performance company. As a side project from dancing he play jazz music with his band Hornsgatan Ramblers (SWE).

Frida started Lindy Hopping as a young child and could be seen on the competition floor for juniors already in the late 90s. 1997 Frankie Manning noticed her on the dance floor and asked her for a dance at the world championships and later that same year Frida won her first Swedish championship for young Lindy hoppers. Her life and big interest have been dancing and on later years also physiotherapy. 2006 Frida started her first collaboration with the famous Swedish performance group the Harlem Hot Shots. She performed as a core member until 2015 when she had her first child. Frida have been teaching all around the world and holds many international titles such as Camp Jitterbug champion as well as the notorious Jazz Jam 2009 in Stockholm. 2017 Frida had her second child and are now back on the dance floors. In the class room Frida sees every student and have the power of making her classes challenging for everybody. On the dance floor she is know for her massive body control and mind blowing footwork.